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About Helen

I’m Helen, a nearly-30 Special Needs teacher from Birmingham. I love my job but feel like I earn my breaks so try to make the most of them by travelling! I’d never even considered going to Belgium until Carl surprised me with a trip to Bruges for my birthday one year… and since then I’ve been hooked on the architecture, the views, the beer and the chocolate! My favourite Beglian city is Bruges purely for the cliche fairytale atmosphere. My favourite beer is probably the Rochefort 10 (I’m really not a girly drinker at all!). My favourite buy from Belgium was the lace butterfly brooch I bought in Bruges just before we got married, which went into my bouquet on the big day.

About Carl

Hello! I’m a 33 year old Belgian Beer lover – funded by web development. I don’t profess to know all there is about Belgian beer – but I’m learning with each and every sip I take. I’m trying to take in all I can on frequent trips to Belgium and slowly my knowledge is growing. My beer progression has gone from bitters > “real ale” > Belgian – I’ve never really been a lager drinker.

It was after watching the film “In Bruges” that I’d decided to surprise Helen with a New Year / Birthday trip which would be the first of many.

I’d always enjoyed the Belgian beer varieties stocked in UK supermarkets (Leffé, Duvel, Chimay Red/Blue and Tripel Karmeliet) and knew of Belgium’s strong beer heritage, but it wasn’t until I got there that it hit home – wow. The car was immediately stuffed (thankfully the Honda Civic has a large boot!) with as many different types of beer from the big Carrefour in Bruges as possible.


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