New Year Eve in Bruges 2015/2016 Restaurant Menus


(See also my articles on New Year’s Eve in Belgium and New Year’s Eve in Bruges for more general information).

Recently I’ve had a lot of requests for recommendations and suggestions on where to eat in Bruges on New Years Eve (Flemish- oudejaarsavond or la SaintSylvestre). As I’ve said before, we’ve never eaten out in Bruges on New Year, so can’t make any recommendations from personal experience. However, seeing as so many people have asked I thought it’d be worthwhile doing a bit of online research and seeing what I can find out. Please remember I’ve spent my own time doing this research- therefore although I’ve included addresses and websites you’ll have to look them up yourself for further contact details and exact menus. One recommendation I CAN make is to book up as soon as the restaurant have a menu published. It is also important to remember that although they are usually expensive (approx. €100 per person) they do often include -on top of food- wine, champagne and sometimes an afterparty, so it’s usually worth checking out exactly what’s included.

If anyone has any more to add to the list please comment below and I’ll make sure yours is added too (book up before you tell me though!!). Also if anyone hears that a restaurant listed is fully booked let me know.

The following restaurants in Bruges city centre either have a New Year’s Eve menu published online already for 2015-16 OR are highly like to.

High Budget (€150+ per person)

    De Karmeliet, Langestraat 19. Belgian Bistro.
    €300 per person for a six course luxury meal. No mention of whether wine is included.
    NOW FULLY BOOKED Park Restaurant, Minderbroedersstraat 1. French-Belgian-European.
    Sylvestre Menu €150 per person.
  • NOW FULLY BOOKED Restaurant Patrick Devos, Zilverstraat 41. French.
    €170 per person including 6 courses, wine and champagne at midnight.
  • Restaurant de Visscherie, Vismarkt 8. Fish.
    €165 per person including luxury meal, wine, champagne and coffee.

Medium Budget (€76-€149 per person)

  • De Florentijnen, Academiestraat 1.
    €140 with wine, €105 without. Includes appetisers and a five course meal.
    Reliva, Goezeputstraat 6. French, seafood and vegetarian cuisine.
    €149 per person for six courses including all drinks and champagne. Veggie menu €135.
  • Duc de Bourgogne, Huidenvettersplein 12. Belgian, nice view of the canal.
    €100 per person for five courses without wine or €140 per person including wine. Menu not yet available on their website but can be requested through email.
  • Verdi, Vlamingstraat 5. French-Belgian.
    €100 per person including meal, dancing and drinks until 3am.
  • De Florentijnen, Academiestraat 1.
    €105 without wine, €140 with wine. Includes appetisers and a five course meal.
  • Restaurant Huidenvettershuis, 10 Huidenvettersplein. Flemish.
    €95 per person including 5 courses and wine already published.
  • Restaurant de De Bocarme, Cordoeaniersstraat 1A. European.
    €99 per person including food, wine and champagne already published.

Low Budget (€75 and under per person)

    Bistro Pro Deo, Langestraat 161. Traditional Belgian.
    New Year’s eve menu €75 with wine. Includes a four course meal and a couple of celebratory drinks of Cremant.
  • Restaurant Cafedraal, Zilverstraat 38. French-Belgian.
    No specific menu, will be “a la carte”. Reservations currently available on their website between 6pm until 10.30pm. Around €60 each excluding wine.
    Arthies, Wollestraat 10. Bright and modern European food.
    €45 per person. Three course New Year’s Eve menu.
    Delaney’s Irish Pub, Burg 8. Irish bar serving Belgian style food.
    €49 per person for a four course meal including a glass of cava on arrival. Kids menu also available.
  • Marco Polo Noodlebar, Katelijnestraat 29. Noodles.
    No set menu, just usual. Only open until 9pm. Around €15 per person.

No prices yet

  • ‘t Lammetje, Braambergstraat 3. Belgian.
    Taking bookings, no published menu. Contact restaurant for details.
  • Restaurant Curiosa, Vlamingstraat 22. Cellar restaurant specialising in lobster.
    Likey to be open.
  • Den Dyver, Dyver 5. Belgian-Dutch-European. Matching beer to food.
    Likely to be open.
    Au Petit Grand, Philipstockstraat 18. Grill restaurant.
    Likely to be open.
  • Maximiliaan Van Oostenrijk, Wijngaardplein 16-17. Flemish.
    Likely to be open.


As I said, if you have any extra information, updates or anything contradictory to what I’ve said please let me know! Restaurants and bars are also welcome to contact me. I will not respond to any personal requests for recommendations, but if I get enough asking for the same thing I am happy to do a bit of research! All of the above information is a result of such requests- just an afternoon’s research put together to try to help others.